Friday, August 1, 2014

18 weeks.

I'm still in a bit of disbelief that we're having a girl. It's starting to sink in; Baby Girl has a name and despite thinking it's a bit creepy, we've been calling her by it. We decided to keep it a secret and not tell anyone, mostly because we didn't want my parents to know until she's born, but I just know that we're going to slip up one day and call her that.

After we found out the gender, it was ON like donkey kong. We hit up Baby Gap for some cute girl clothes and I was in heaven. I have an actual gender to shop for! Besides, I have lots of boy love but girl clothes are just so much cuter. Plus...dresses. Nuff said.

I knew I had to buy some stuff just to make it official. I actually don't plan on shopping a whole lot more for clothes, if at all, because I have my niece's hand-me-down's from my sister coming, plus my shower, and also a very eager Nanie with lots of time to shop on her hands.

I've also been going haywire adjusting my registries. We registered on Amazon and Pottery Barn Kids - the basics and essentials are coming from Amazon but then sheets, blankets, etc are all from PB Kids. I had twice as much stuff in there before but now I had to pare it back since we knew the gender. Keeping the name a secret is also even harder because I want to monogram everything.

Nesting is no joke. I have so much anxiety that the crib isn't here yet even though I kind of don't need it for another 5 months. Still, we ordered in July 4th weekend and I just want it to get here already. I have this exact image in my head of what the nursery will look like and I just want it done yesterday.

Still eagerly awaiting movement. Baby Girl is weighing in at a whopping 1/2 lb right now; the ultrasound tech did mention that it should be soon but because she's up higher around my belly button, it might be why I haven't felt much.

So, I had my first preggo freakout the other day when I got home from work #milestones. Tell me you wouldn't freak out about this too.

We live at the end of our street. Our street gets a lot of traffic from cars thinking it's a through street, which confuses me because all that's behind us is marsh. We have a U-shaped driveway with two entrances/exits, so when people come down the street and hit the dead end, they use our driveway to turn around. NBD.

So, lately when I get home, I let Ruby out to run around and she comes to get the mail with me. Lately, she's been loving taking a nice big dump outside vs inside on her peepad. Which is fine, except it's usually on the grass and then I need to go get a bag to pick it up. When I got home yesterday, I let her out and she immediately crapped in the driveway. As I'm inside with her getting a bag to pick it up, I see this twatwaffle in a blue van pull up. She comes to the dead end and starts to back-up so she can turn around.

Except instead of you know, using the perfectly good driveway right there, she completely back's up, not a care in the world, ALL OVER my lawn. Like this wasn't a 'whoops-I-tried-and-got-on-your-lawn-a-bit' back-up, this was a 'hey-I-give-zero-fucks-about-what-I'm-doing-and-oh-is-this-a-lawn?' kind of move. I think my mouth actually fell open in shock, I couldn't believe it. Then the rage came...because, how freaking rude is that?

I was on the phone with my mom and I had to take it away from my ear so I could start cussing this lady out. She had her window up, so not only did she not hear me, she just drove off and got away with it. Meanwhile, my mom is cracking up laughing at me screaming OH YEAH NO DON'T USE THE PERFECTLY GOOD DRIVEWAY, THANKS FOR RUNNING OVER MY LAWN BITCH! at this woman. I swear to god if I had already picked up Ruby's crap, I would have thrown it at her car. I was so mad! The worst part is there was a business logo on the side of her car and in my blind rage, I forgot to read it.

Irrational? Maybe. I don't care. Get off my effing lawn.

When my mom stopped laughing she said, "Oh my god you are so old, look at what you care about."

Which...I know. The fact that I didn't get to confront her consumed me. I had dreams all about it that night and was still about it the next morning. The rage is real.

The only other thing of note is that I've been drinking milk by the hose. I can't get enough of it, I love it even more lately. Especially when it's paired with Oreo's.

It hasn't seemed like I've been changing too much until this morning when I scoped myself out in the mirror. So I decided to do a comparison shot and holy belly Batman! Also, all I did was auto-enhance the photos because I have no idea how to make pictures look pretty. I have no idea why auto-enhance = oompa loompa in the first picture.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

cause you come swimming into view.

I slept like crap on Sunday night.

I predicted it, knowing myself inside and out and how excited I get about things. We'd had an exceptionally low-key Sunday after Carl finished mowing the lawn and the skies erupted with rain showers, so it made it that much harder to fall asleep after we'd been lazily thumbing through Netflix all afternoon and evening. This day - the day the felt like it was a million miles away, that would change so much - was finally here. Carl and I woke up to the alarm clock and dreary skies. We both sort of looked at each other with the childhood excitement reserved for Christmas morning, the kind that you can't wait to dive in but you're still saturated with lingering sleepiness.

We got up, took showers, fed the dogs, and went about our normal morning routine. My parents pulled up and before I knew it, we were off in the car to my appointment. The ride there was spent talking about what was to come - who had what guesses and why. We parked at the hospital and walked over to maternity. Then, we waited.

After a short while, my name was called, and we all headed back into the ultrasound - a full house.

One thing that really surprised me was where the baby was. I've been feeling my belly "harden" and more twisty type cramps down low, so I just assumed that's where the baby was hanging out. Come to find out, it was at my belly button. I had no idea the baby was so high up, especially because I'm not feeling anything yet. I made sure to drink something sugary beforehand so Baby R would be active and also so that we wouldn't get the dreaded, "Baby's legs are crossed! Can't see anything." Again, it's so surreal to see your baby be so active on screen and not feel anything.

I hadn't realized how detailed the Week 18 appointment is. They do lots of measurements, take lots of pictures, and look over a lot of the baby's growth. I was more than happy to oblige...I could have sat there all day watching. My dad in particular was amazed at how ultrasounds have come. He hasn't seen anything like it recently as his last one would have been in the mid-80's when my mom was pregnant with me. It was amazing to see them focus in on the chambers of the heart, the spinal cord, and each adorable little appendage.

Carl and I held hands as we watched each detail come into focus. And then..."it looks like you'll be having a baby girl," the tech said with a smile.

Oof, that squishy little belly
I was so caught off guard that I barely had time to react. Carl laughed in a knowing, proud sort of way, while tears came for me. I was so happy not just for the general happiness of a girl, but because my husband so very much wanted one. All of his future child-filled dreams and aspirations always left him with a girl in mind, so I know he is so excited.

And then my mom said the most sobering thing I have ever heard in my life.

"You have a daughter."

I have a daughter.

Monday, July 28, 2014

who's hiding in there?

It's today my friends! While most of you are at work, I'm sleeping in {jelly?} because I have my 10am appointment to finally figure out who's been hiding out in the Chateau Womb. My parents are driving up and we're all going to the appointment together. It's going to be a swamped sonogram room but I'm really just crossing my fingers that the baby cooperates and shows us the goods.

The wait for this ultrasound from the 12 week one has been an eternity. I kid you not. So, to pass the time, I decided to try out some of the old wives' tales. It's totally hokey and you might feel silly doing some of them, but overall, it's fun. No, I take approximately 0% stock in what any of them mean.

Here are some of the tests I did:

Chinese Calendar: This one you need something to actually calculate. You can do it by conception date {if you know it} or due date. I used this one over at Babycenter.

Mayan Calendar: This one is pretty easy - you take your age and the year you conceived. If they are both even or both odd, it's a girl. If one is even and the other is odd, it's a boy.

Wedding Ring: This is the one I felt really silly doing. You put your wedding ring on a string or a hair and hold it over your belly. If it swings in a circle, it's a girl. If it swings back and forth, it's a boy. Since I shed like a golden retriever, I grabbed a hair and tried it.

Skin: This one is simple - if you're breaking out like a mofo {or like me}, it's a girl. If you have clear skin, boy.

Heartbeat: If your baby's heartbeat is 140 beats+, girl. Under 140 beats, boy.

Morning Sickness: Head in the toilet? Girl. Not so much? Boy.

Mood: This one I found odd. If you're moody, expect a girl. If you're even tempered, boy. I mean, doesn't everyone get mood swings from all the hormones flying around? That being said, I think I've been pretty even tempered. At least in front of Carl.

Bump: Carrying high, then it's a girl. Carrying low, then it's a boy.

So, what do the old wives say?

They say snips, snails, and puppy dog tails are in my future. Along with trucks, dirt, and all the other fun stuff.

We'll find out soon - wish me luck!

Friday, July 25, 2014

week 17.

Hard to believe I'm three (almost two!) weeks out from the halfway point. As slow as it feels sometimes, it also feels like this pregnancy is flying by. Also? I never feel like I got bigger, but clearly I did!

So, what's new this week? Well, not a whole lot. I'm getting gradually more uncomfortable and I'm still not getting very restful sleep from getting up so many times during the night. I mean, I guess it's all just practice for when he/she is here right? Still, it makes having the energy to do a lot very scarce. I keep waking up realizing I've slept on my back for hours which contributes to the overall uncomfortableness but I can't help it because duh, it's happening when I sleep. Other than that, my lower back has been a big source of ouch but I know that isn't going anywhere anytime soon either.

My appetite has been about the same. Carl ventured out last week and brought me home treasured Domino's. All we have around us is flat-crust or Greek pizza places. There is not a single place to get a deep dish pizza to save your life and, naturally, that is my favorite. It's been the only super intense food that I've just had to have. Although this weekend, we're celebrating my dad and sister's birthday's, so I was really excited that my dad wanted a lemon meringue pie. From all the birthday's here in the office, I am so sick of cake.

Still no movement, mostly just some cramping here and there. I'm still pretty anxious for that to start happening.

I'm still (still!) in this weird phase where some clothing, it's very obvious I'm pregnant. Then there are other things I wear where I just kind of look chubby. My coworker said to me the other day, "You're pregnant?!" so, it's not as obvious as I thought it was. Belly button is still in, as I expect for some time now.

The most exciting thing I'm looking forward to is Monday and going to our gender appointment. I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime to find out. Baby names are now 100% totally picked and set in stone. They are good ones too, we're both so happy about it.

Happy Friday & happy weekend!
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