Thursday, August 28, 2014

mama said knock you out.

Last night, Carl and I were sitting on the couch watching Wizard Wars, which if you haven't seen, is a pretty cool magic competition show on Syfy. Carl is more into it than I am; for me, the 'magic' part of magic is being there and seeing it in person. Watching it on TV provides too many opportunities to catch slight of hand movements and a glimpse of the deception. Still, the tricks they have to come up with on the fly are all pretty cool.

I'd been lamenting for a bit that I haven't been able to feel the baby much, save for when I have a full bladder and then she rolls around like, hey can you give me some room in here? This past week though, it's like she heard me and said, okay mom, ask and you shall receive. She's been moving up a storm. Rolling, twisting - I feel it all.

Until last night. As I sat on the couch eating a couple of Junior Mints, I felt her roll as usual, except this roll was followed by a sharp jab to my left.

A foot.
She kicked.

I immediately went, whoa, and asked Carl to pause the show. He thought something was wrong but I just looked at him happily and said, "She kicked!"

The first time.

He tried to feel but I told him it might still be a few weeks before that happens. It's borderline unfair that I get to experience so much in pregnancy and all this change while he has to wait patiently for her to grow and eventually be here. Being kicked wasn't what I expected. It surprised me; it didn't hurt but it was like being poked. I know to enjoy them for now when they're small as I was getting texts from Casey about her various yoga positions she's been trying to get baby boy twin feet out of her ribs.

It's so weird being pregnant. You spend so much time worrying about them in there because save for ultrasounds, you don't really know what's going on in there the first 18-20ish weeks. You rely on your appointments and your doctor to tell you everything is fine and healthy. Then you hit this point and they start to tell you on their own.

Hey ma, I'm here, it's all good, those Junior Mints are delish. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

love is spandex pants.

I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day, meaning - did I actually leave work? Did I have a weekend? I did, but as usual, it blew by way too fast.

So, I knew that there was a chance I'd be spending a lot of it on my own due to the fact that Carl's office is moving locations and he was heavily involved since he was basically responsible for their whole network. His office closed at 1pm and the network was shut down by 2pm on Friday, so it was up in the air as to whether he would even be home that night. My parents had dropped off an Aerobed mattress for him just in case he decided to sleep at the new location and get a head start on things Saturday morning.

I was in full-on laze mode after the week that never seemed to end, so I did what self-respecting pregnant 28 year old does with a Friday night to herself.

I made chocolate chip pancakes and watched Frozen. WHAT.

That night, as I settled in to watch, I was psyched to just enjoy a viewing of a Disney movie. Carl isn't huge on them and I've only actually seen Frozen 2-3 times by now, so I was pretty excited to get wrapped up in it.

What I realized:

  • Disney movies have so many more songs than they used to. What gives? I felt like they were breaking out into it every 5 seconds. Some of them are good, some of them meh. I could live without "In Summer" and the fixer-upper troll song in this movie. Maybe that's just cranky me longing for the days I used to dance around my room singing along to "So This is Love". Idina Menzel (aka Adele Dazeem) does an awesome job with Let It Go, obv, but I always loved the old-timey, magical 50's songbird voices of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.
  • I'm confused by Christophe's back story. Where are his parents? How did he end up with Sven? Was he just loitering around the ice dudes in the beginning? In what world does a troll say, "Cuties. I'm gonna keep you." and then just...keeps them? Plothole. 
  • In regards to only seeing this movie 2-3 times, I'm going to be eating my words in about two years. I'm having a daughter. Oy. 
The pancakes though? Fantastic. I realized something very simple that night - it helps to mix the chocolate chips into the batter, not drop them on the top of the pancake while it's on the skillet like blueberries. Life = changed. I had a very happy (and full) puppy who got her own plain pancake. Homegirl loves her pancakes. 

Carl did end up coming home on Friday night, but not before a comedy of errors commenced. First of all, there was a concert or something going on at the Garden, so traffic was being re-routed and Carl ended up on the pike the wrong way instead of 93. It took him an extra 30-40 mins just to get turned around and head home the right direction. Then he was literally 5 minutes from our house when he accidentally blew through a red light in an intersection and got pulled over. Cops have been cracking down on drunk drivers in our town on late weekend nights, so I wasn't surprised. Thankfully, the roads were empty; the poor guy was just so tired. The best part though is that the cop saw the Aerobed in the back with the pillow and the mattress and goes, "Sir, are you sleeping in your vehicle?". The best end to any night is getting accused of being homeless.

So, we tumbled into bed exhausted only for Carl to get up at 6:30am and repeat the process. The best part? He got a really generous bonus this morning when he walked into work for his efforts. It's always nice to feel valued and appreciated by your company so I know it gave him the pick-me-up he needed. 

Since Saturday I was on my own again, I had asked my mom if she would go maternity pants shopping with me because I'm that uncomfortable. We hit up Motherhood Maternity and I scored big with two pairs of jeans, a pair of khaki's, and two packs of maternity underwear. 

You guys, I can't even tell you how much happier I am. I wore my jeans grocery shopping yesterday and I wasn't uncomfortable,  I didn't have to adjust was heaven. Then today, I put on a pair of my freshy washed underwear and it was like the heavens opened up and started singing. They even came in petite for my little stub legs.

If you are pregnant and you haven't gotten special maternity underwear, DO IT. You are doing yourself and your vajayjay a disservice by not owning some of these. They are not ugly. They might look a little larger than you're accustomed to, but let's face it, Victoria's Secret was that when she was pregnant, she didn't wear frilly, lacy shit. These underwear are comfy, cute, and will save your life #embracethespandex

The rest of my day with my mom was awesome. We got mani/pedi's, got lunch, and just had a girl's day. She also brought me a meatloaf she pre-made, which was delicious. She cracks me up. 

Sunday was super lazy since Carl was finally home and understandably did not want to do much. And now I'm officially counting down the days until the 3-day weekend coming up. 

Also, please be sure to head over and send Kenya lots of love & support, as she delivered her baby girl Sophia a bit early and she is recouperating in the NICU. Happy Monday, all!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

stuff that i've realized since being pregnant.

Now that I'm just slightly over the halfway point, I've started to notice some of the not-so glamorous parts of pregnancy. Take me back to the days of a maybe-teeny bump and great hair.

Dressing yourself is a nightmare.

In the beginning, you're all cute and have a tiny bump, your jeans still fit and life is honky-dorey. I remember thinking to myself, oh wow this is so easy! Yeah, I was naive.

remember this? I was that size for approximately 8 seconds
The first to go are the pants. I had every intention of wearing all my normal clothes with belly bands and getting through the rest with dresses, skirts, and hand-me-down's from my sister. I've been getting away with wearing my AE stretchy capri's at work for now; I can still button and wear them just fine, minus the black ones which need a belly band. But, they are all pastel colors and it's not getting any warmer out so those will need to be retired soon.

Every morning is a struggle now. Bring on all things stretchy.

You'll begin taking your clothes off as you walk to your front door.

To further reiterate my point above, you will hate everything you own. Yesterday, I wore my size 14 cords from LOFT that were my "fat pants". I started off in the morning with them half-zipped, but by the end of the day, I was seething with how uncomfortable I was. Even with them unbuttoned, unzipped, and wearing a belly band, I wanted to kill someone and then set my pants on fire. When you gain weight normally, it's a much slower process. One day you're like, oh these are kind of tight, and you either a - lose weight or b - go buy a pair the next size up (which, let's face it, it's usually option b). With pregnancy, your body is changing constantly so you have to adjust your expectations daily.

This weekend, I am succumbing to the allure of maternity pants.

Your pet will lose his/her mind.

Your adorable, four-legged friend (whatever it may be) will freak the eff out. Ruby knows something is up with me but she doesn't understand, so she is losing it. She doesn't know whether to be clingy, leave me alone, or crap herself. Usually it's crapping herself. Meanwhile, I'm over here like, I'M STILL STICKING TO YOUR EXACT ROUTINE DOG WHAT IS YOUR DEAL. 

Your beloved pet will also mistake baby items for their items. Case in point - no Ruby, you did not get a new bed in the form of a newborn boppy lounger. 


Your google searches will get really, really weird.

Your search history is suddenly littered with really sexy things like:

"How soon to take stool softeners before labor"

"What is a padcicle?"

"Breasts are [insert odd adjective here]"

and my personal favorite:

"baby moving or gas?"

Congrats! You're a teenager again for the first trimester next 9 months!

Hi, hormones. How are you? I must admit that I haven't missed you one bit. Getting on birth control and watching my face clear up in a snap was magical. But now that BC is over, we've been reunited. And it doesn't feel so good.

Seriously, I am a pizza face. I thought this shit would only last the first trimester while my body was getting used to AHHHH THERE'S A BABY IN HERE but sadly, no. My face is break-out central and I've had to amp up my face washing routine like no other. It bums me out because my routine before was to just...wash it. And things would be fine. I suppose I'll take it over varicose veins and stretch marks, which can't be far off. Hold me.

You're only really visibly pregnant at the end.

September will mark 6 months of pregnancy for me. Right now, at just under 22 weeks, I thought it was pretty obvious I was pregnant. While my belly is starting to harden a little bit, it's still squishy and more like a Jell-O belly then it is the stereotypical round-vision of beauty you often see pregnant women depicted as.

I found myself looking up bump pics of people at the same mark as me just to compare bellies. If you search for maternity fashion on Pinterest, you'll want to lock yourself in the bathroom with a box of chocolates and a pizza because OF COURSE everyone has these perfect, round little bumps at any given point in their pregnancies. Pinterest: where everyone just swallowed a basketball.

Apparently I can still easily pass for "just overweight" because yesterday, we were down in the ED of the hospital and I asked a coworker if you came to the ED or went straight to maternity when you were in labor. She replied, "Maternity, why?" I glanced downward at myself and she looked surprised and said, "Oh! I never would have known!"

I get that you're never supposed to assume until it's blatantly obvious...but really?

taken yesterday

You're incredibly excited for anyone else to be pregnant.

I loooove hearing people are pregnant. I love talking to my pregnant friends. It's like being in a club, especially when the person is going through the same weird shit you are. You can talk about babies to death without feeling bad and also ask the really weird questions you can't bring yourself to ask anyone else.

This goes for husbands too. Carl has plenty of friends with kids but I know he is particularly attached to his friendship with Jared lately as he and his wife are expecting twins at the same time we're due. It's been awesome for Carl to have someone going through all of this for the first time exactly parallel to the path he is traveling on.

You can't over-play the pregnant.

You have to use the "but i'm pregnant!" trump card sparingly. Like when you want ice cream and it *needs* to happen. If you start having this come out of your mouth every other sentence, you're setting yourself up for massive amounts of side-eye from your husband and relatively the same effect as crying wolf. So save it for when your SO is looking at you bewildered because you're sobbing through a yogurt commercial, not when you're just feeling particularly grouchy and being a jerk just because.

I'll add more to this list once I hit the third trimester, because oof.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

20 weeks & blurbs.

I can't believe it's the halfway point already! 20 down, 20 to go before we meet our baby girl.

Some stuff I've noticed this week:

 My rings are starting to not fit which is more a product of the humidity than it is sausage fingers. Still, it makes me really sad when I go to put them on and it's just not happening. I can still get them off with some cold water if they are stuck but I'm definitely thankful the majority of my massive days will take place in the winter months. So, for now, bring on the judgmental pregnant but not married speculation and stares.

 I've definitely gotten rounder. I don't know if Baby R is just a but lower on my belly (she was up near my belly button last ultrasound) or what but I am totally feeling like a beach ball. The bump is so weird too. Sometimes it's very much there and other times I can still get away with concealing it pretty well.

 No more movements, which bums me out. I mean, the circumstances in which I felt her that one time was after I ate a Snickers, a lollipop, and some chocolate chips, so homegirl was probably on a massive sugar high. I can't wait to start feeling her more.

 Extreme fatigue this week. I cannot even explain how tired I am. I'm getting plenty of sleep but for some reason, it's just still not enough. I've been trying to rest whenever possible and keep my feet up, which has been helping. I think I really need to alter my diet as well because while I haven't been eating super poorly, I haven't been a real champion at it either. I'll maybe eat vegetables once a week, which I know is crappy but I'm such a picky eater and pregnancy has only made me pickier.

Aside from general body stuff, we've been plugging along famously with the nursery. We picked up paint for the closet, which is our next project, and I also ordered a sweet fabric decal for above her nursery. In the decal will go her monogram, which I'm in the process of painting white. Sorry, you only get a sneak peak at the R for now!

Over the weekend, I did a ton of baking. My parents came up on Saturday so it was the perfect excuse for me to really do something fun. Have you guys ever heard of the blog SprinkleBakes? Well, I've been devouring her website for the past week and she has an amazing recipe for a 12" skillet cinnamon roll. The minute I saw the recipe, I knew I had to find an excuse to make it. It was definitely a labor of love, but I'm happy to report that this dough recipe is perfection. It is seriously the best cinnamon roll dough I've ever made - it came out amazing. The cake roll then got covered in an orange zest glaze - heavenly.

The only downfall is that I didn't cook it enough! My oven is such an unreliable douchebag. We need to get an internal thermometer that tells us the real temp. I took this out too soon because it was getting really golden brown and I was scared I was going to burn it. No worries though, the very middle and the edges were done so we actually we able to devour a good portion of it. As anyone who bakes or cooks knows, it's so frustrating to go through some much work and effort to have something so small screw things up, so thank god we salvaged most of it.

Sunday, much to Carl's chagrin, I immediately got right back into it after he had just finished cleaning the kitchen for me. This project was much more fun - homemade dog treats. Again, these came from Sprinkle Bakes and I was so excited to make them. Carl helped me roll out the dough and even got into the artwork. Check out that fire hydrant.

When they were all baked, we had a pretty happy pooch on our hands. 

Otherwise, our weekend was lazy. Carl and my dad did a ton of yardwork while my mom and I lusted after gliders that I can't afford #firstworldproblems #WHOHAS$900FORACHAIR

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