Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Last Friday was so welcomed after what felt like an incredibly long week. Around 6am, I was driving into work when my phone rang. Carl typically gives me a buzz to fill me in on any traffic situations before I hit them, so when I answered in my normal, happy candor, I was not expecting to hear his panicked, out of breath voice on the other end.

My car just died! he exclaimed. My stomach sank. After asking the obvious 'are you okay', we mulled out the details. Basically, he was driving about 80mph on the highway when he heard a loud BANG from under the hood. The car completely died in the middle of the road and the power steering went out. Those of you who have never experienced losing power steering, I'm glad for you. It makes it feel like you all of a sudden have to wrestle a 2 ton beast.

Somehow, miraculously, he did not get into an accident. He was able to maneuver the car across 3 lanes of traffic and off his exit ramp before the car came to a stop at the beginning of a huge rotary. I'm also so grateful he didn't get stuck in the middle of the rotary obstructing traffic.

I felt horrible. It was obvious that he was very shaken up. I was shaken up. I did my best to remain the voice of calm and told him I was coming, to email work, and then call a tow truck.

I felt so bad for the guy. He loves that Jeep. You can almost see his eyes shimmering with sadness.

We had two choices - try and fix the Jeep or call it a wash and get a new car. Except we can't afford a new car payment. Nor would our credit likely allow us to even get a new car right now. So, we sent it off to Sullivan Tire where it's currently being fixed to the tune of $3800. The engine was completely blown. The best part of all of it is that insurance didn't cover the towing or the cost of a rental car because he didn't actually hit anything. If he had, it would have been. WTF are we paying them for again?!

It's hard to not feel like there's just something waiting in the wings to snatch you away from your sense of security. Every time we have some form of extra money coming in, something happens where that extra money needs to be allocated elsewhere. Carl has this great consulting gig that is bringing in a decent amount of extra income, but now it all goes to this repair. Our tax return likely will as well, depending on how much we get. Every occasion where we get excited about being able to pay off a debt or boost our savings, life just gets in the way again.

It just feels like every chance we dig a little bit out of this hole we're in, something kicks us right back down into it.

It's not all bad. I'm counting my blessings. I'm grateful that my husband is here with me worrying about money and isn't sitting in a hospital bed, or worse. I'm grateful that we have my car and weren't depending on his Jeep as our sole means of getting around. But I do wish we could just catch a break.


Snow. There is so much snow.

We had 1-4 inches last night, a new storm overnight tonight and then Sunday is supposed to be 12-24 inches. To say that I am over winter is an understatement. Kids will be going to school until August.

We had a brief reprieve from all of this over the weekend. On Sunday, Carl and I ventured out to get coffee and were pleasantly surprised at how warm it was out. I quickly ran inside to change my heavy winter coat for a lighter jacket.

We spent the entire rest of the morning outside. After grabbing coffee and swinging into the grocery store for dinner items, I was excited to take a walk with Ruby down to the water. We haven't been able to do that since the summer and there were so many of our neighbors out and about with their own pets and kids. We even met a couple close to our age that lives a few streets over and also has a small dog.

It was a nice change. It made everything going on just take a complete back seat.

We spent the rest of the time clearing out the garage and letting Ruby run around the yard. She was soaked, but oh so happy.


Carl and I watch a lot of cartoons. We love Adventure Time. It's one of those cartoons that doesn't feel like a kid's show at all. The premise is that Finn is the last human and he has antics with his dog Jake in the Land of Ooo, which is actually a post-apocalyptic earth.

Think Geek rocks and always makes fun stuff, so we obviously bought footie pajamas. THEYARESOSOFTOMGGUYS.

We pretty much come home every night and immediately put them on. Don't be jelly.


I have some stuff going on. I have to really write it out to express how I'm feeling, but it's difficult when this blog is well known and things have the ability to circulate. Plus I don't want to depress everyone by taking them to Debby Downer Town. So, here is the manifestation of my feelings right now: Tom Brady looking for the high five that never comes.



MommyMandy Musings said...

Oh no! Happy to hear Carl is okay, but huge expenses out of no where are the WORST! We're the same right now, I feel like we just can't get ahead of anything. Hope everything picks up for you again soon!

Audra said...

Yikes :( Sorry about the car. That price tag stings. I love that Tom Brady gif, but in your case it might not be that great. Hope everything works out (it usually does, but it's easy for someone else to say)

Lauren H Edmondson said...

Thinking of y'all and hoping things calm down your way. Obsessed with those adventure time onesies and I am with you on the snow/cold. We barely got 6 inches down here and it is like our world fell apart haha, I can't imagine how y'all handle all that stuff!

Megan said...

I feel like you are talking about my life in this post. We are down to one car because my car decided it was done with life. We have been sharing since September. And it hasn't been easy. We are trying to save money for a down payment, but it seems like every time we start getting some money put away and stuff paid off, something comes out of left field and our money is gone again. I completely understand how you are feeling. It isn't fun. Glad Carl is okay though!

And I am sorry that you are going through so much. If you ever need to vent, just email me. Hope you are having a good day!

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