Wednesday, February 12, 2014

why yes, good things DO come in orange packages.

There are so many costs that you don't tend to think about when it comes to getting married. I was really surprised at just how much stuff went in to actually planning the event and all the minor details that you need to pay attention to. Needless to say, the prices can get jacked up pretty easily.

Something I noticed that seemed to be on the way out was getting a videographer. I waffled back and forth about getting one and I'm so glad I did now (by the way, we used Timothy Bakland and he is insanely fabulous. If you're getting married in MA and don't have one, you need to get him asap). The video is crazy amazing and I can't believe I almost didn't have that keepsake. You don't realize how fast the day flies by and how just how much you forget until the wedding is over.

In addition to getting our video, I always knew I wanted to do a wedding album. I balked at doing it with a photographer because the cost can be upwards of $1,000. That just seemed insane after all the money that goes into paying the photographer in the first place, so I knew I needed a cheaper option.

I'm sure that none of you are strangers to Shutterfly and their affiliates. I've used them before and had great experiences with them, so I started doing some research.

The best part is that they are having tons of promo's right now. Photobook's aren't cheap and I knew I couldn't pass up an opportunity to get one 40% off. So, I uploaded my photo's and got started.

First off, you can mass upload, which is a huge plus. You can hit start, go make a cup of coffee, and then poof - it's all there and you have the ability to choose from all your pictures instead of pre-selecting them.

The album tool couldn't be easier to use. You have so many options to do things it's almost overwhelming because they really give you the ability to be the master creator and make something unique. You can choose all types of backgrounds, patterns, words, stickers...the list goes on.

Also, if you're completely stumped on how to even put thing like this together (raises hand), they have an option where you can let Shutterfly put it together for you. It takes your photos, randomly (but smartly) groups them together, and then you get final edits.

I did mine manually only because I wanted to keep it as clean as possible. I didn't use any writing or phrases and took advantage of photos I really wanted blown up. They have tons of options for grouping as you can see on the left hand side in the photo above.

So, I got the husband approval to spend the money (I mean, it's not like it wasn't going to happen anyway, but I like to be nice and give a heads up. The deal was too freaking good) and I purchased my album. What normally would have cost over $200 I got for $130. And that was for an 11x14 book with layflat pages and a matte front and back cover. It's insane how much I got for so little.

Now, the hard part. I had to wait. I ordered it on Jan 31st and was giddy when I saw the Shipped notice come in my email on Feb 3rd. I couldn't believe how little time it took. Needless to say, I checked the tracking like 6 times a day.

Then on Saturday - FINALLY.

When Carl came walking in with this, I pretty much dropped everything I was doing and tore into it like a little kid.

But guys, let me tell you....I was NOT expecting what I got. I didn't even have it out of the plastic, hell THE BOX, before my jaw dropped open.

I grabbed Carl by the hand and we both anxiously opened the packaging and look over everything in detail. And the detail. It's amazing.

One of the things I loved and heartily took advantage of was the ability to do a one photo spread. I used this a few times and I am obsessed with how it came out.

The photo quality is beautiful. I was skeptical of getting the layflat and having it look the way I envisioned. Clearly they delivered. This is most likely narcissistic but I don't even care. It's probably my favorite picture of me ever taken and I will pretty much never look this good again okay bye.

I also took advantage of the text option and chose to overlay our vows on one spread.

Bottom line, I have this beautiful book now that I am so proud to show off. It feels even more special because I made it.

**I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just like to save money, get cool stuff, and then tell you about it.


Lauren H Edmondson said...

love, love, love your book (and your photos). That spread with your vows and the rope, it is practically 3D the quality is so good. And girl you are smokin' hot in that portrait pic :)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh!! I freaking love it! It turned out amazing!! And I love that pic of you too! You look gorgeous! But then again, I think you always look gorgeous!

K said...

Gorgeous! You're so good! I started mine like 3 times and have done nothing. Haha. Glad you love it!

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