Friday, July 25, 2014

week 17.

Hard to believe I'm three (almost two!) weeks out from the halfway point. As slow as it feels sometimes, it also feels like this pregnancy is flying by. Also? I never feel like I got bigger, but clearly I did!

So, what's new this week? Well, not a whole lot. I'm getting gradually more uncomfortable and I'm still not getting very restful sleep from getting up so many times during the night. I mean, I guess it's all just practice for when he/she is here right? Still, it makes having the energy to do a lot very scarce. I keep waking up realizing I've slept on my back for hours which contributes to the overall uncomfortableness but I can't help it because duh, it's happening when I sleep. Other than that, my lower back has been a big source of ouch but I know that isn't going anywhere anytime soon either.

My appetite has been about the same. Carl ventured out last week and brought me home treasured Domino's. All we have around us is flat-crust or Greek pizza places. There is not a single place to get a deep dish pizza to save your life and, naturally, that is my favorite. It's been the only super intense food that I've just had to have. Although this weekend, we're celebrating my dad and sister's birthday's, so I was really excited that my dad wanted a lemon meringue pie. From all the birthday's here in the office, I am so sick of cake.

Still no movement, mostly just some cramping here and there. I'm still pretty anxious for that to start happening.

I'm still (still!) in this weird phase where some clothing, it's very obvious I'm pregnant. Then there are other things I wear where I just kind of look chubby. My coworker said to me the other day, "You're pregnant?!" so, it's not as obvious as I thought it was. Belly button is still in, as I expect for some time now.

The most exciting thing I'm looking forward to is Monday and going to our gender appointment. I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime to find out. Baby names are now 100% totally picked and set in stone. They are good ones too, we're both so happy about it.

Happy Friday & happy weekend!


K said...

Don't worry so much about sleeping on your back. I was told that if it was uncomfortable for the baby then I would wake up. And I did. Towards the end if I was on my back I got breathless so I would roll over. Don't ruin your sleep over it, get all the sleep you can!

And you're texting me ASAP to tell me the gender, right? RIGHT?!

Jodi said...

Are you going to announce the gender and name on your blog before the baby is born? Such an exciting time! I can't wait to hear. And you look great!

Megan said...

You look adorable!! Sorry you haven't been sleeping well! Hope that changes soon!

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